Jones Digital Farms, LLC

Our Story and Vision

The Jones Digital team consists of passionate individuals with a shared view that cryptocurrency will continue to become a larger influence in the world's economic future. As the general public has started to trust Bitcoin more, its popularity and the daily number of exchanges have skyrocketed. With years of experience and a range of different backgrounds, we decided to fill the gap in this groundbreaking market. Since starting out we have grown exponentially to become one of the world's biggest and best, with a plan to continue dominating this lucrative new industry.

What We Do

Crypto Asset Trading Exchanges

Bitcoin needs processing technology to facilitate and record its transfers so that buyers and sellers can trade their ownership freely. These exchanges require solving complicated math problems that can only be completed by powerful computers in order to keep the entire system secure and encrypted. Our mines solve this issue for Bitcoin and allow it to run smoothly.

Earn Predetermined Bitcoins

As the system desperately needs our services, we earn a predetermined amount of bitcoin as payment for keeping it functioning. Although the payment is minimal on each transaction, our technology is able to process a vast number of these problems 24hrs a day. As long as there are exchanges to be processed, we’re making revenue, and the demand only seems to be growing.

Expand Our Network

We are hyper-focused on constant improvement in an effort to remain one of the most powerful and efficient miners around. Through a combination of organic growth, crypto mining company stock from investors, and Bitcoin’s increasing value, our team will continue setting-up mines across the world.

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