Sustainable Bitcoin Mining Done Right

Jones Digital Farms, LLC

We are one of the top crypto mining companies on the globe, with a reach across the US and a desire to expand rapidly.

Big! Powerful & Growing

We primarily operate in Chattanooga/Cleveland, TN - Atlanta, Georgia - Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada, with dynamic digital asset miners who constantly become more efficient as we grow.


Our team aims to set up the largest digital mine on the planet in Arizona by 2024, funded organically and by our crypto mining stock’s revenue. The demand in this industry is increasing exponentially and we plan on following suit.

Clean Energy Is Our Game

Cryptocurrency has changed the world, bringing us financial freedom like never before, but there is little point in enjoying this new tool if it destroys the environment we live in.
That’s why Jones Digital has focused on solar power crypto mining from the get-go, so we can ensure that all our hard work only benefits those around us. As solar technology progresses we have become more streamlined, with lower costs than ever before.

Earn Predetermined Bitcoins

As the system desperately needs our services, we earn a predetermined amount of bitcoin as payment for keeping it functioning.
Although the payment is minimal on each transaction, our technology is able to process a vast number of these problems 24hrs a day. As long as there are exchanges to be processed, we’re making revenue, and the demand only seems to be growing.

Cutting-Edge Mining Technology

We only use the best colocation technology to ensure that our systems are as effective and secure as possible. With a deep desire to lead the industry, our team is constantly on the lookout for faster, longer-lasting, and less demanding equipment. We are always one of the first crypto mining companies to invest in new processing capabilities and pride ourselves on implementing them across all sites seamlessly.